2024 NFL Mock Draft: Early Predictions for Cardinals, Rams, and More

Although the 2023 NFL draft has recently concluded, analysts have already turned their attention to the highly anticipated 2024 draft. It's important to note that between now and April 2024, players can continue to grow and enhance their skill sets. Nonetheless, teams are constantly evaluating players throughout the season, keeping an eye on emerging talent. Some players may rise to the occasion after the first game, while others may disappoint. The order of the 2024 NFL draft will be influenced by factors such as the results of the last Super Bowl and the ranking power of NFL players.

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Now, let's take a look at an early 2024 NFL mock draft:

  1. Arizona Cardinals
    The Arizona Cardinals will undoubtedly focus on their quarterback, Kyler Murray, as they look to support him with strong players in the 2024 draft. One standout prospect is Caleb Williams, who has the potential to become an MVP-caliber player and an excellent choice for the Cardinals.

  2. Los Angeles Rams
    The Los Angeles Rams, always on the lookout for local talent, made Drake Maye their first selection in this year's draft. Maye has the potential to become the face of the franchise, adding depth to the Rams' quarterback position.

  3. Tennessee Titans
    The Tennessee Titans, in need of offensive tackles, prioritize securing one in the 2024 draft. Although they miss out on quarterbacks, Olu Fashanu has shown promise as a pass rusher, making him a valuable addition to the team.

  4. Chicago Bears
    The Chicago Bears have a roster filled with untapped potential players. One standout is Marvin Harrison Jr., who has the chance to become a top receiver for the team. With his explosive playmaking ability, Harrison Jr. could easily secure a spot among the top five players on the Bears.

  5. Indianapolis Colts
    Brock Bowers from the Georgia Bulldogs emerges as a high-end player in the 2024 NFL mock draft. With accolades like the John Mackey Award and being a two-time All-American in 2022, Bowers is a better choice than Kyle Pitts and could solidify the Colts' backfield.

  6. Arizona Cardinals
    Despite being only nineteen years old, Joe Alt has shown promise as an offensive tackle, particularly in run blocking. He has the potential to develop into an All-Pro left tackle, providing long-term stability for the Cardinals' offensive line alongside Caleb Williams.

  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Quarterback remains a top priority for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. With limited alternatives in this position, Dallas Turner stands out as the best defensive player available for the Buccaneers in the 2024 draft. The team will focus on his development to bolster their defense.

  8. Las Vegas Raiders
    Kool-Aid McKinstry, a cornerback from the Alabama Crimson Tide, is one of the top defensive players in the 2024 draft. With three years of coaching at Alabama, McKinstry becomes the ideal choice for the Las Vegas Raiders.

  9. Denver Broncos
    The Denver Broncos boast a talented defensive lineup but need to focus on their pass rush. Jared Verse, predicted to be among the top twenty players in the 2023 NFL draft, can still maintain his position as one of the top ten pass rushers in the 2024 draft.

  10. Atlanta Falcons
    J.T. Tuimoloau, a reliable pass rusher from Ohio State, becomes an easy pick for the Atlanta Falcons in the 2024 draft. As one of the top defensive linemen in football, Tuimoloau has the potential to make an immediate impact for the Falcons.

  11. Green Bay Packers
    Green Bay focuses on improving their game for the upcoming season, with Xavier Worthy as a key player. Known for his exceptional speed and ability to cover receivers, Worthy adds a dynamic element to the Packers' offense in the 2024 draft.

  12. Washington Commanders
    The Washington Commanders address their cornerback position in the 2024 NFL draft after their previous season's early pick didn't fully meet expectations. Andrew Mukuba's performance in 2021 makes him a solid choice among the top ten players in the 2024 draft.

  13. New England Patriots
    Mac Jones proved himself as a quarterback during the 2023 season, but the New England Patriots need to focus on offensive tackles in the 2024 draft. With Alabama's tradition of producing excellent offensive linemen, JC Latham emerges as the next best choice for the Patriots.

  14. New Orleans Saints
    After focusing on the defensive side last season, the New Orleans Saints shift their attention to the offensive line in the 2024 draft. Donovan Jackson, with his versatility in multiple blocking techniques, becomes a valuable addition for the Saints.

  15. Houston Texans
    The Houston Texans might have to pay the price for selecting Will Anderson Jr. in the next season as well. However, they have Emeka Egbuka as a potential player in the 2024 draft. Egbuka's skills as a top receiver complement C.J. Stroud's abilities, giving the Texans a promising duo.

  16. New York Giants
    Troy Franklin proved to be one of the fastest players for the New York Giants in the last season, and the team will rely on him in the 2024 draft as well. However, the Giants must work on strategies to support Daniel Jones and maintain their position.

  17. Chicago Bears
    After selecting Jalen Carter in the previous draft, the Chicago Bears can now focus on Maason Smith for the 2024 NFL draft. Although Smith recently suffered an injury, he has the potential to be among the top twenty players in the 2024 draft.

  18. Minnesota Vikings
    After failing to find a potential quarterback in the 2023 season, the Minnesota Vikings shift their focus from Kirk Cousins to Quinn Ewers. Ewers, though still progressing as a passer, has the potential to climb into the top fifteen players in the 2024 NFL draft.

  19. Pittsburgh Steelers
    The Pittsburgh Steelers already have a strong offensive line, so their focus in the 2024 season will be on top defenses. Jeremiah Trotter Jr